Using Omeka for Family History

If you are asking a question like “How can I best preserve several boxes of family photos, letters, and documents?” Or maybe even better, “I’ve digitized an enormous number of family photos, objects, letters, etc.  but now how can I organize them so that other family members can actually find items that are relevant to them?”  The answer may be Omeka.

Example of What People are Doing with Omeka & Genealogy

  • A Parcel of Ribbons is a good example of how someone has combined Omeka with WordPress in order to get the most out of both. This website is “about Georgian Jamaica named after the parcel that Robert Cooper Lee took with him to Jamaica. Here you will find original articles, family trees, transcriptions of Wills and other documents and links to useful information resources for anyone interested in Jamaican genealogy and the history of the colonial period.”
  • The Julia Lawrence Hasbrouk Collection.  This website shows how to integrate family trees with Omeka’s other features.

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