We’re Beyond Race (“Race Doesn’t Matter Anymore”)

Moya and Markus argue Americans commonly revert to eight basic conversations when talking about race or ethnicity and that hinder productive discussions (“learning conversations”). “We’re Beyond Race” is conversation number one.  This summary is from a press release about Moya and Markus’s book Doing Race and can be found both at EON and Reuters. A more complete version of the conversation is on page 7 of Doing Race or you can watch a video of the presentation here: http://vimeo.com/13468483.

Summary of the “We’re Beyond Race” Conversation:

Professors Moya and Markus were especially interested in addressing the growing acceptance of the idea that America has entered a “post race” era.

“People love to say race doesn’t matter anymore. After all, they say, ‘we have a black president.’ This common conversation confuses the powerful hope for a society where race does not influence one’s opportunities in life and that upholds the notion of racial equality, with the reality that we are in a culture where race and ethnicity still organize society and individual experience for all people—whether they are aware of it or not,” Professor Markus noted.(EON)


Whether we live in a post-race era is a hot discussion topic in the popular media.  Have students research the question and debate it.  What is lost and gained (and by whom) when this claim is made? Here are some useful addition to the debate:

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